Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can You Believe It ?

Vania has been home six months ! Yikes.. time has roared by us :) Everyday she was in Haiti felt like a lifetime. Just waiting & waiting by the computer for mail. Now I hardly have time to check it. And that's a good thing !
I was trying to think about what to put as an update, but really nothing to major to report. No more doctors appointments until December. She has been healthy as a horse ! Eating awesome ! Playing, running ,jumping, swimming & swimming some more. Her language has EXPLODED. She amazes me with how clear and well she can express herself. She is funny, smart as a whip and ornery as can be.
We took her for her second trip to the beauty shop today to get her hair trimmed. It had become quite apparent that she had two toned hair. Orange ( about 1 in ) at the ends and the rest dark brown. I was sad to see the length go. But her hair looks much healthier now and one thing is for sure... it will grow. So hair time will be easy for awhile. We stopped at Walmart & got some new bows & barrettes to tide us over :) Back to the fro & we LOVE it !


mlg said...

I know the time has gone by so fast and it just crawled by when they were in Haiti! We still have "highlights" but her hair is still pretty short so we are keeping them for a little bit longer! I am glad everything is going so well it is amazing how well all the kids are doing!

lonnieloree said...

I know! It seems as if she's always been a part of us. So glad we have her in our lives. She's my little butterfly- always flitting around and then holding her arms up to "land " on you.

David and Candice said...

I know it just seems like yesterday waiting and waiting for some sort of news. Now time is just flying by. she looks cute in that outfit:)-Candice

Pete and Mare said...

such a great point... since they have been home the time is judst flying by. It's very nice to be on this end... such a blessing :0) to have them all home. Vania looks amazing! I am sooo happy that she is so happy with her wonderful forever family! We love you guys! ~ Mare

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

really 6 months! WOW i can't believe that! time fly's when you're having fun! :]