Friday, October 8, 2010


For a couple of months now Vania has become a back seat driver. Just like all my kids :) Whenever I stop at a light she shouts " Mommy, why are you stopping ?" . Whenever she feels I need to go faster she lets me know that too. Sometimes I wonder if she remembers riding in the tap taps in Haiti. Or just the craziness of the busy streets there. She may have been wondering for awhile now what's up with my driving but has only been able to express her opinion in the last few months :)

Anyway, Adam has been gone this week for work & I have been trying to hold the fort down. It has been good but rather crazy.I had to laugh today since it's Friday. I've held it together thus far & the craziness of keeping things together came to a head.

Zoe & I had eye appointments today . I had to have my eyes dilated during my checkup. So that means my pupils are HUGE, my eyes are bright yellow feeling funky, sensitive to light & a little blurry ( appointment complete, check ). I speed home ,with my slip on sunglasses they give you( very fashionable,NOT) to grab Zoe's homework she forgot before I return her to school (grab homework, check). She then reminds me she is missing lunch. So I grab Zane while I'm at the house and get them into the car to take them to Wendy's ( lunch provided Check ). I check my cell phone for a phone call I've been waiting for from the Jr. High. There is a message from the guidance counselor about Zane starting gym class, the one I've been waiting for ( VM check complete ). Must return call. So...... as I'm on the phone leaving the guidance counselor a message a big truck ( thanks Mr. Truck driver ! ) decides to cut me off so he can park in the berm & walk over to Taco Bell for lunch ! My response....s@%@$! Yep, right on the school counselors VM.( returned phone call, check ). I couldn't even walk away from this one because I had just left all my information. So, I called back apologized & left the rest of my question. I wonder how long I will have to wait for a return call this time? Oh well, what can you do right ?

I always tell Vania that mommy's van is not a tap tap. But today it may have well come pretty close to one !!!! TGIF


mlg said...

That is funny, glad that was you not me! Good luck with that phone call although it probably made him laugh too!

R AND R AND Z said...

so funny

lonnieloree said...

You know I split every time I think about this!

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

I am laughing so hard right now!!!! :)