Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick Or Treat


Zane helped a friend of ours in her scary porch theme. He is the scary clown.
No pics of Zoe . She was off with her friends this year.

My little Vamp Carson !

Waiting impatiently for trick or treat to start

Miss V & her first jack o lantern

Well, we are a little hung over this morning from Trick Or Treat :) I'm working on my second cup of coffee trying to get through the last day of a very busy week. Vania woke up this morning and couldn't get the words " where is my candy ?" out of her mouth fast enough ! I'm the mean mom who made her have breakfast before she plunged into her candy. I've already had to cut her off until after lunch :)

Vania had a great time trick or treating. Daddy pushed princess V around in her stroller house to house. Every time we stopped Carson & Vania would race to the door to be first. Carson was very good to help her navigate her way through the crowds & then you would hear her squeal " WAIT FOR ME !!!" as she ran down the driveway back to her carriage. Adam & I were cracking up . As if pushing her highness around wasn't enough , when we stopped Adam would say "if you want candy you have to get up & go get it." Vania would huff in disgust ,pop out of the stroller & retort "GOSH dad !" Such a DIVA :)

Inspired by my fellow adoptive parents I put yarn extensions in Vania's hair. It was a LONG process ( about 6 hours ). If I do it again I think we will break it up into 2 days.I think it turned out really cute & great for her princess costume. It makes her look about 5 years old. Hopefully the 6 hours of work will pay off & the extensions will last for awhile. By then I'm sure we will be ready for something different. I just love all the fun stuff you can do with her hair !!!!

One quick story. As we were 5 1/2 hours into the extension process. Zoe & Carson were also playing with yarn making bracelets. So we were passing the scissors around. All of a sudden I hear SNIP SNIP. I look down & two braids lay on Vania's highchair tray. Yes, Vania had gotten a hold of the scissors. I could've passed out at that point. Luckily , since they were bangs I was able to just trim them a little higher. The thought of having to take them out & re-do 2 more braids at this point was enough to make me crazy.

Happy Halloween everybody !!!!!!!


lonnieloree said...

Oh my gosh! Vania looks so grown up with her braids! They're really cute,though! Laffin' @ your stories! I can just picture the royal princess doing that! Haha- you guys are great! Carson and Zane look tooooo scary!

R AND R AND Z said...

HOw fun. can not wait to see what Z does. Happy Haloween

mlg said...

Vania looks great, it is hard to believe how long it actually takes but hopefully they will last a long time both my girls still love theirs except now Avrie wants hers to look like Destina's! And how come you were trick or treating on Friday?

David and Candice said...

I love her hair How cute and she looks like a big girl. Happy Halloween. It looks like your kids had fun!-Candice

Bambi and Adam said...

I know . Our trick or treat was actually on Thursday. They usually never schedule it on the actual Halloween night. And Friday they run into Football Friday night. SOOOO ,it is different every year :)

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

I LOVE her hair!!! Carson and Vania's costumes were so awesome!!