Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

She got her scooter :)

Holding onto dad for dear life !

Merry Christmas !!!!!

Vania is still buzzing around like a little bee after her first Christmas. I can tell she is totally over stimulated because she can't focus on anything but sorting through all the new Christmas treasures. A minute ago I found her lounging in the laundry basket with my new shoes on,Various items of clothing under her, her new Hello Kitty Scooter a water bottle she was chugging and her baby doll. That lasted all but five minutes then she was onto something else :)I may find her sound asleep under wrapping paper somewhere before I am done posting this. Everyone is tuckered out !
She has absolutely loved the Christmas holiday. She loves all the Christmas songs and performed with the other kids in our church Christmas program. She picked out her very first official ornament for the tree. A pink Christmas bulb with a little bow on the side that says Vania Anne 2010. Made chocolate covered pretzels with the kids. Saw Santa for the first time in which she was terrified at first. Now, every time we see a Santa ringing the bell for the Salvation Army she wants to go over to say hi. Then she says,"see mommy I'm not afraid of Santa anymore!" And the joy of opening her Hello Kitty scooter was priceless. "My Hello Kitty Scooter , My Hello Kitty Scooter, yes finally !" I believe were her words.
My favorite moments of the season..... putting -To :Vania Love, mom & dad -on her presents ! & hearing her wish everyone a Merry Christmas in her tiny little voice :)


David and Candice said...

I am so glad your family had a great Christmas! Vania is getting so big she is such a cute little girl. I hope your family has a great new year!=Candice

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

Awhh Vania's pajamas are so cute! We waited in line almost 2 hours at easton to see santa and Kylah's in line screaming and pointing to herself saying "SANTA!! ITS ME, KYLAH- SANTAAA ITS ME KYLAH!!" Then when she finally got up there she acted all shy like Vania! hahaha I'm glad V had a great first Christmas :)