Friday, November 28, 2008


Remember Suzie Wad from 92xfm in the old days? It's FRIIIDAY ! We had a great Thanksgiving.
Lots of food and great company.We are glad my cousin Hannah her friend Adam and her 2 boys , Gage and Hayden, were able to come up from Tennessee to visit. Just a quick update on this weeks progress. Our psych report went splendidly. Dr. Miller was very encouraging and very helpful. It felt very good to have his positive recommendation, when throughout this process you tend to feel scrutinized. Adam got his employer letter back from Biglots( another document to be checked off). And now we are reading the adoptive parent manuel and answering questions, which is part of the required parent education that will be kept on file at our agency. So, we keep moving closer to all the paperwork being compiled. I think this weekend we will start putting up christmas decorations. Carson has been asking to put the Christmas tree up since November first. December is on it's way! Hope you enjoy the pictures below.Have a great weekend.
P.S. I forgot to mention that our homestudy interview/update also went well last Saturday.We are just one doctor appointment away from that being completed. Unfortunately the doctor's office cannot see us until December the 17th. So close but yet so far!

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