Saturday, November 29, 2008

Up On The House Top?

No , not reindeer paws . It would be the roofers here to fix our roof from "Windstorm 2008!"Our roof is finished and beautiful( if roofs can be considered beautiful). Besides all the pounding today , it started out to be a rough Saturday. We had to put our cat of 15 1/2 years, Lyza, to sleep. It was very hard to let her go. There was no fooling the kids this morning when we told them Lyza had a doctor's appointment. So we all said our goodbyes and Adam bravely took her in to the vet. Our vet is so compassionate. Adam said the vet thought Lyza was having bowell trouble due to a tumor on her upper intestine. He said we could give her medicine , but that it wouldn't cure anything just prolong the inevitable. So he also recommended she be put to sleep. They were very supportive. On a more positive note.. We got the christmas tree up and decided to save the outdoor lights until tommorrow.It's been a long day.Bye for now.



we can relate to losing a cat, its rough and we're sorry about your loss.

that tree looks great!

Bambi said...

Thanks,It is Hard to make those grown up decisions.We miss her.