Friday, November 7, 2008


It's Friday!I thought I would add one more picture of Callia for the weekend.Kathy from Wasatch was kind enough to forward a picture to me which I think I deleted.This is one of her first referral pics.Her eye is a little swollen due to an infection at the time.It is a great close-up.I just realized I can comment on my own comment board(DUH) .Don't worry,we have been reading all of them.Thankyou to everyone for their encouagement and willingness to serve us in all compacities! In a world where being self reliant is so highly respected, I know it was not the way we were designed.We can not do this alone.All of you in some way are an important part of the journey .Thank you. As far as prayer needs, we have a psychological evalu. on next Thursday.This is a requirement per Haiti.I've already confirmed with the secretary today that this is a simple test.No electrodes or wires!She just laughed.But we still need your prayers.We were able to get our physicals scheduled this week and our vital statistics paperwork ordered.Things are moving along.That's it for now.Have a great weekend!

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