Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekly Update

I can't believe it is Friday again. I wanted to check the mail today before posting to see if Callia's pictures and video might be here. Not today, but they should be arriving soon. Adam and I went to Office Max last weekend and purchased a filing cabinet to get organized. We've been putting it off for a while as things have been piling. But it looks like we have everything set up just in time. Now instead of just requesting documents and appointments we are receiving documents and attending appointments. This week we received our certified birth certificates and marriage certificates. We got our notarized bank letters and copies of our 1040's for the last three years. Got our local police records run and notarized. And, last but not least, we had our psych evalu done. I also appreciate our reference people taking the time to get their letters done. So it has been a productive week. The new filing cabinet will be filling fast!
Zoe had her orthodontist appointment this week and will be getting her braces off over Christmas break! YEA! Which is great news. Boy did that time go by fast. It would have been one year in January. The orthodontist will look at her again in a few years to see if she needs any more corrections to her overbite. Her teeth look great! She has also taken our old filing box and added folders although she is disappointed she doesn't have as many files as we do. I told her to be grateful someday she will have a file for bills and taxes along side her files for coloring and drawings.
Carson has finished his second round of antibiotics for Strep and now has a cold! He brought home a packet of Veteran's Day paper dolls to color and put together. Once he'd finished working on them he wanted to name them after Vet's in our family. He decided one would be Uncle Andy then realized the other was a girl! So he said she must be Aunt Julie then. So now he has Uncle Andy and Julie figures.
Zane has had a quiet week. He is actually home from school and sick today. He has been enjoying just hanging out and playing with friends in the neighborhood now that football practice is over.
We officially end football and cheerleading this weekend. Zoe's Redskin's banquet is Saturday and Zane's Charger banquet is Sunday. Have a great weekend.


Tiffany Gerling said...

I love Carson's veteran figurines! He is always so artistic! I just finished my reference letter for the adoption! I will send it out tonight after work!

Bambi said...

Thanks Tiff !