Monday, January 26, 2009

Hope Over Fear

Tomorrow our agency travels to Haiti to bring much needed medical supplies , food and support. They will be bringing a water filtration system that the orphanage will be able to hook to their kitchen sink which will provide clean water for eating , drinking , bathing and cooking.Right now they have to buy gallons of water and a separate filter locally ( the water may or may not be clean ). Please pray that their trip would go smoothly and safely and that they would be able to get all the supplies to the orphanage in their luggage. This is also an important week for our family. Many times in this adoption process we have had to make decisions about how and If to move forward. God has been ever faithful in this journey. Each time we have decided to move forward I can feel him walking right beside us. We have decided again not to let our fear of the unknowns paralyze us from moving on in this adoption. And with the hope of adopting we will keep stepping through the doors he unlocks before us . We are looking forward to the referral of another little girl soon. The agency will be getting together information and pictures of children for us to look at while they are in Haiti this week:) Please keep this in prayer and that God would match us with a little girl who is ready to come home.

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lonnieloree said...

i am moved to tears by your bravery, courage to stand against those forces that would defeat you and your faithfullness to God's leading. of course you and the wasatch team are in my prayers. SO GLAD they have the filtration system to take down. cautiously excited, mama