Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meet our Valentine

Vania Anne

It is with great joy that we announce the referral of Vania Anne . Vania is a year old and was recently brought into the Hope for Little Angels of Haiti Orphanage by her birth mother. Vania is her Haitian name and we have added Anne for her middle name. We are excited to learn more about her and as we do we will pass that information along. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It is a great day!
Bambi and Adam


Pete and Mare said...

Wow!! Congratulations guys! She is sooooo beautiful! Jordan is just a little older than her so maybe they play together. We are so excited for you guys! What a blessing! Can't wait till June! Blessings, ~Pete and Mare

mlg said...

She is beautiful. Can't wait to meet her. Love her name too.

Brent and Lori said...

She's a beautiful girl! Congratulations! Next trip will be fabulous!!

R AND R AND Z said...

Congrates what a wonderful additon to your family. The next trip IS going to be great can not wait to meet her and you

David and Candice said...

She is truly beautiful!! Congratulations,I bet you are so excited to met her.Hope time flys so june will be here soon.-Candice

melissa peterson said...

She's so sweet!!!!
I'm so excited for you guys!
Can't wait to meet all of you!

Liesel said...

OMG she is so cute! Adorable! We are so happy for you guys! What wonderful news! Keep us updated!

Love, Liesel and Olivier


she is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to hear the pronounciation - I have said it about 5 different ways out loud. Your family is in our thoughts through this journey and we are so excited for you all! What is next & how long before you bring her home?