Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Name Game


As many of you know ,one of the first and hardest duties as a parent is to choose a name for the child. It is never easy and if you are me , you are looking high and low for that perfect name. With Zane and Zoe it was a little easier. They were our favorite boy and girl names ( that we could agree on :) Everyone thought for sure we would name Carson Zachary to keep up with the z names.But no, literally the night before he was born we decided on Carson just on a whim. We have always liked unusual names. Names we don't hear a lot. Of course there are those names you cross off because of so and so .Names you cross off because you don't want people calling them whatever for short. Names you pick because they run in the family or names that begin with all the same letter. You name it we all have our own process of finding the perfect name. And amazingly enough they all seem to fit the person ( on most ocassions:)

Anyway ... we thought when the next referral came we would pick a "C" name. You know to round things out. We contemplated forever and just didn't have that perfect "C" name. Then we got the referral for Vania. There was no doubt we loved her name. Beautiful, short and unusual. Our name criteria had already been met.Whew! I was looking up the meaning today on some baby name sites and found out that it's Hebrew and means God's gracious gift.How perfect is that! We have also been trying to figure out pronuciations and so far I think it is pronounced VAN-EE-UH. I think we will call her Vi for short(a cute nickname, another criteria must).That's all for now.

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Cory 'N' Kylah said...

Yes! You know me- I LOVE unusual, uncommon names! I LOVE Vania! Its so pretty :]