Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Amazing Race

Adam and I love to watch the show the Amazing Race. We joke that being on the show would be the only way we would ever be able to travel around the world. The only bad part being that it's a whirl wind vacation ( a Mc Vacation:) not really being able to see but a glimpse of everything as you try not to be the last team to the pit stop for fear of elimination.

The first time we went downtown to be fingerprinted by USCIS for our i600A it was kinda like the amazing race. Not knowing what to expect we left early so we could find a parking place and take our time walking a couple blocks to Leveque Tower. Little did we know there was a parade scheduled that was running right through downtown. After navigating through detours and finally making it to an underground parking garage we threw the van in park and rushed out of the parking garage afraid we would be late for our appointment. Our plan of a leisurely stroll turned into a jog and eventually we held hands and made a break for it through the parade blocking our route. Whew, we had made it just in time! We checked in at the front entrance of the building and up the elevator we went. Once there we threw open the doors and all you could hear were crickets. I'm not kidding, it was like the twilight zone. We were the only people there. We laughed as we were instructed to find a seat and wait until our number was called. Needless to say the next time we were fingerprinted we new we did not need to risk life and limb to get there. I think there was one other person this last time:) But hey, we'd make a great team if we ever made it on the show.

Soccer has started in full swing this week. Keeping us busy:)

We have been hit really hard with illness,namely strep throat, since fall.Carson in on some strong antibiotics and still managed to pick up a virus and is home from school today.Zoe has a pre-op appointment, for a tonsillectomy, this Friday( which is also her 9th birthday:)so that tells you how sick they have been. Zane has been able to stay well for the most part. Please pray that we can knock this illness out of the family soon!

The adoption front has been quiet and I keep reminding myself to keep moving and back off from the e-mail. Remember a watched pot never boils. Oh well ,I've gone on long enough. Bye for now!


mlg said...

I love the Amazing Race and Scott and I always pretend to be on it when we are running around trying to find something or go somewhere new!

David and Candice said...

I love that show but my husband says there is noway he could do that show because he hates traveling . I love your story about getting your fingerprints that is how life allways goes.