Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday Fun

Here are pictures from Zoe's birthday. She had a rough start to her day but eventually ended up having a great party with family and friends.

Yesterday morning Adam took her to her pre op appointment and she had to get her blood drawn. Well...the stick part went fine but then 2-3 minutes later she blacked out. The nurse carried her into another exam room to lay her out and she came to while he was carrying her. She was fine and alert quickly but Adam said it was pretty freaky. The nurse was great and gave Zoe and Carson each a popsicle and off they went to the next destination , Pet Smart.

Zoe has wanted her own pet for awhile. So we decided to get her a Gecko. Adam and I had bought all the necessities for Gecko living ( which can be an expensive initial investment:) and stored it in the back of our van last weekend so that all we would need to do on her birthday would be to take her to get the Gecko. So after the doctor appointment they went to pick it out and brought it home 30 min before her party. That is important to know because it tends to get a little chaotic at that time. We were downstairs trying to put the Gecko back in the cage , and things were getting a little dramatic as we were going back and forth about who was going to put the Gecko back in the cage. So when Zoe tried to take over ,the Gecko twisted it's little head around and bit her! She dropped it flew into the bathroom & slammed the door ."Take it back to the store" "I hate that vicious creature"she yelled. Well I'm glad to report that 24 hours later she and the Gecko are best buddies and adjusting to each other well. As I type she has it out AGAIN ! Instead of a lap dog it is a lap lizard and hasn't tried to bite her anymore. As everyone arrived at her party she had two things to report right off the bat.1) I passed out after my blood draw today and 2) my birthday present bit me:)

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those pics are fabulous! I had a great time @ zoe's b-day and I wish I didnt feel rushed to get back to my hum drum work.

David and Candice said...

I am glad she had a great party and a great birthday in the end! keep us posted about how her surgery goes-Candice

lonnieloree said...

what precious pictures! we had a blast at your party zoe. how's bullseye doin? bambi- i'm ashamed i havent viewed your blog for so long. guess i'm becoming distracted with my crutch-o-matic and forgot to check. now i'm caught up widja and thanx for sharing!!