Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wild Things

Well, spring has sprung and our new bird friends are back. Adam says the word on the street must be that the Estep's are taking in animals and giving out free food :) Part of a stimulus package for animals i guess . Any how...Last year we had a yellow finch who sat on the ledge of our half round window and pecked at the glass. Annoying but somewhat tolerable( and cute :) This year we have a huge robin that keeps dive bombing our window morning and night ! Zane actually printed off a picture of a bald eagle and taped it to the window to try to scare away the robin, but to no avail it is on a kamikaze mission to get in the house and nest.

It has been like an episode of Wild Kingdom or National Geographic around here. I keep waiting for the theme song to start up at any minute. you know the one !

Zane also has ,what we think is, a catfish that he caught in our friends creek last summer. It used to look like a small sucker fish . Now it has tripled in size and started to prey on the other fish in the tank .( Please see picture below) this is what we woke up to yesterday morning. You will notice a pretty black and yellow fanned out guppy tail hanging out of it's mouth. Time to set the catfish, or whatever it is, free .

Then we have Bulls Eye the Gecko who we supply crickets to ( dusted with Calcium ) every morning and watch him slyly hunt them down. And of course we control his temperature and humidity with heating lamps and de chlorinate his drinking water as well. He even has a night light . AHH, the circle of life:)

And Cleo, our domesticated Canine that just tries to keep up with it all. She has that Robin marked though. I don't know who it bothers more us or her. If only that robin would just fly a little closer.......


lonnieloree said...

oh my gosh- what a precious little girl- cant wait to hug and kiss her and have her be a part of our big loving family. every day in my prayers i thank God for all our kids and grandkids because you guys are the central part of our lives and i feel SOOOO blessed. I so badly want Vania to be a part of us and have a true family - home of her own - with a mommy and daddy, brothers and a sister-and never feel scared or "left" again. I so hope God sees fit to allow this- and SOON- i'm talkin right now, God!! Bambi, dear..... do you not see that this pet thing is definitely the circle of life, as you put it? oh daughter of minr who drug home not only cats and dogs, but baby raccoons , fish, hamsters,......... and dont forget the 2 monkeys your father had to have.....

Bambi and Adam said...

You are so right mom, I hadn't thought about what animals we brought home to you and Steve. What goes around comes around, full circle eh :)



she is so adorable I can't wait to hold her and snuggle!!

your whole circle of life story is hilarious!

lonnieloree said...

Grandpa Steve says that paybacks are humerous--I seem to remember quite the zoo are our home when Bambi was growing up, and guess who brought many of the mutts home--Vania seems happy, is beautiful, and is headed for a wonderful home--Always remember that there is POWER in prayer and all of us who love you and your family have been praying about this. Sent by the CRUTCHMEISTER