Friday, June 12, 2009


Well, It's Friday night and all is well. The kiddos are off to Grandma and Grandpa's and Adam and I are getting ready to load the car for the airport in the morning. Our flight leaves at 7:45am and we should be in Florida by 1:00pm. We leave for Haiti Sunday morning at 8:15 am with our parent group. I'm looking forward to boarding the plane so all the thoughts of did I ..... should I do or pack this before I leave will stop swirling in my head:) I am excited and nervous. I don't think I will be getting too much sleep tonight, or for that matter any night for the next week. Thanks to everyone who is helping us out to make this trip possible with all your support and prayers. We'll keep you posted:) Fingers and toes crossed!
LOL Bambi


David and Candice said...

Tonight is like the night before Christmas where you are so excited to sleep. I can not wait to meet you guys in florida!! see ya real soon...-Candice

zz said...

thanks mom for giving ifo