Monday, September 21, 2009


Who doesn't LOVE chocolate ? Well, this weekend I learned that 90% of people love chocolate & the other 10 % are just lying :) I don't know the source for those statistics but I do know one thing & that is you cannot go wrong with the combination of women + chocolate. Am I right ?

Dove Chocolate has started selling chocolate products at home parties just like Tastefully Simple or Pampered Chef. This was a new discovery for me. I guess they have only been doing this for around 2 years, which is pretty new. They sell a product line called Dove Chocolate Discoveries which are Dove Chocolate products you cannot buy at the store.

Needless to say, I jumped right on an invitation to a chocolate tasting party & loved the products. They all tasted good, reasonably priced & most very easy to use or make. I also thought being so new it would be a great fundraiser for the O. SO, this weekend I hosted A " ladies night in ". For fun ( & totally optional) I asked everyone to bring a donation for Vania's orphanage as a "cover charge ". It ended up being a lot of fun . I only wish the samples could've been a little bigger:) But I guess it was a tasting not a meal. Anyhow, just an idea to pass along for anyone looking for fundraiser ideas . I'm hosting another party in November as a fundraiser. Not sure of the details of that one , but I'm going out on a limb & asking for bigger samples :)

PS... My sister got her passport in 1 WEEK ! Praise GOD.


R AND R AND Z said...

i guess i am in the 10% of people that do not like chocolate. (and i am not lying) that is great you found this. I hope your sister pass port comes soon

mlg said...

What a relief to get the passport so quick! And what a great idea, thanks for sharing!

lonnieloree said...

You know me and chocolate! Great news about Tiff's passport. See you this week!

Pete and Mare said...

My little sister doesn't like choclate, so I secretly wornder if we really are just kidding. So happy that your sister got her passport so quickly! Can't wait to see you all! ~Mare

David and Candice said...

I love chocolate as long as it is milk chocolate not the healthy dark one... but I am so glad to hear that she got the passport quick see you guys in just a few weeks:)-Candice