Friday, September 18, 2009

Granola Bars

I remembered this face as I picked up Granola bars today for our upcoming trip. One thing I learned last time is to always have some sort of small snack on hand. You may be caught waiting somewhere longer than expected or asked for food through the van window as it comes to a brief stop on the street. This time we had stopped to pick up some pizza's from Domino's on our last night in Haiti. As we waited outside Dominoes many people came to the window inquiring what we were doing, trying to sell us something or ask for food. Definitely felt like being in a fish bowl. I had made eye contact with this sweet lady resting on the steps & offered her a granola bar. She graciously came over & took it through the window. I will never forget her smile. She returned to her step where she had been resting & then was sternly run off by the store security. I couldn't help but think of her today & decided on the family pack of granola bars so I am well prepared:) And yes....... who would of thought ? There really is a Domino's Pizza in Haiti :)


David and Candice said...

I so remeber that sweet old lady and so does our son Kolbie I think it made a big impact on him. I always think of these moment's when I have extra food or we are out and see such waste of food in the U.S.A. I can not wait to vist with you and to get to know your sister. See ya in a few weeks!!-Candice

lonnieloree said...

Ahhh-i commented on this lady when i first saw your pics as it reminded me of a lady we encountered in San Juan. Now you know why Grandpa Heinbuch was so nuts about wasting food after being in the War in Germany and why Steve and i tried to get you kids to clean your plates!