Friday, September 25, 2009

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon...or in this case...Denzel Washington

On the Set of "Unstoppable"

You ever hear of that game 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, we can sort of connect ourselves to Denzel Washington that way. Adam’s sister has recently become reacquainted with a close friend from our High School. Turns out he works for a major railroad as an engineer and several years ago, he and another engineer stopped a runaway train in Northwest Ohio. A good story to hear him tell it. Speeding train, dangerous chemicals, chasing it down in another engine! Here’s the fun part...Hollywood is making a movie out of it! Really! The name of the movie is Unstoppable and is due to be released next fall. His part is being played by Chris Pine (Cpt. Kirk from the new Star Trek movie) and the other guy’s part is played by Denzel Washington. Pretty cool. Adam’s sister got to talk to Chris Pine on the phone for about 10 minutes recently to give him all the dirt on what her friend was like in High School. I know you don’t know these people, but check out these pictures from the shoot. Looks like these guys had lots of fun!

Jesse (Denzel's Character) and our friend Terry

Chris Pine (Playing Terry's Character) and Terry

Terry and Jesse with Rosario Dawson


mlg said...

Cool!! Now that I read this can I be considered the 7th degree of Denzel Washington or is that not as cool?

lonnieloree said...

Hah! Way cool! P.S. Like the new pic of you and Adam!