Monday, September 28, 2009

Treasure Box

Vania in her "treasure box"

I love packing for Vania ! It brings me much joy buying things to tuck away in her luggage. I never unpacked from the last trip. Sure, I took all the clothes out & washed them, but then packed them right back up. I look through the suitcase often at all the little outfits, the toys we played with & books we read together. Keeping them packed reminds me that this journey isn't over until we bring her home & unpack for good! She loves to sit in her suitcase & go through her things. Sometimes she would hurl them clear across the room for added fun :) (which reminds me I need to bring durable toys & cups this time! ) I remember washing some of her clothes one morning & hanging them in the closet to dry. She caught a glimpse of them passing by & was sure to point them out & let me know those were HER clothes hanging up. I assured her they were hers & I would put them back in her suitcase after they dried. A suitcase full of special things just for her is certainly a treasure box .Can't wait to spoil her rotten :) Not much longer now ...18 days


Brent and Lori said...

YEAH!! It's getting so close!

V is truly a special little soul. I'm so glad you've found each other.

Can't wait to see everyone in Miami!


lonnieloree said...

I know how much you guys love her already. It will all pay off when you CAN unpack her things for good- at your house!

David and Candice said...

She is so cute I love the picture of her on the chair!!! I can't wait to see everyone in a few weeks ....-Candice