Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apple Butter Festival

Last weekend we took the kids to the Apple Butter Festival at Camp Falling Rock . Adam & laugh at the name because it really had little to do with Apple Butter. It would be better named Pioneer Days or something to that effect. Carson joined the cub scouts this year & this was one of their events.

I have to say besides speculation as to what might be at an apple butter festival, it turned out to be a lot of fun & a beautiful fall day to enjoy. The kids did rope making, branding, helped make apple cider, shot bb guns & bows & arrows and walked a rope bridge, to name a few favorites. Every station was run by older scouts( with adult supervision of course).

On the other hand mom & dad were lured into trying mystery meat at the cooking station only to find out AFTER we finished eating ( which was a requirement ) that it was ground hog. YUCK ! It did taste a lot like chicken but much more wild & greasy. It was a good thing they didn't tell us before hand. I don't think they'd get many willing participants. I cannot see ground hog advertised as "The Other White Meat " anytime soon !

Here are some pics of the festivities :)
Rope Bridge

Making Cider

Mystery Meat

Rope Making


Bows & Arrows
BB Guns


lonnieloree said...

I LOVE these pictures! What a great way to journal,huh? I'm so glad you keep this blog going. You guys are great. As far as the mystery meat- I thought you both looked a little bucktoothed when you came by that day- and smelled a little..."gamey"?

David and Candice said...

Looks like a alot of fun:)-Candice

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun at the apple butter festival! I heard your picture taking at Sharon Woods was just fabulous. haha! Anyways I wanted to tell you that I was going to suggest that you put that picture of Adam and you from Halloween on your page for your new picture and you did! Great minds think alike.. or I guess have good taste! haha I love that one of you guys! Such a beautiful couple! :)

Tia said...

What a fun way to spend a fall afternoon!

Pete and Mare said...

Sounds like a fun day out together! :) ~Mare