Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vania Updates

Just wanted to update everyone on Vania's latest stats. According to her updated wt. & Ht. in October Vania has gained 1lb. & grown 2 in. since June. I knew she had at least grown a tad bit because her toes were at the end of her size 5 shoes from the June trip & her 12mo-18mo outfits were getting short & snug around the middle.

These are pics Chareyl took while Vania made her chase her all over the cabana laughing :) Vania has already caught on to the whole picture taking thing making it sometimes difficult to get a picture. The best way ( as it is with probably most children ) is to just take pictures as she plays or a sneak attack.

Our file status hasn't changed. We are still in IBESR which is no suprise since I think we entered sometime in August. Interestingly though we are looking into her birth date. The birth date they have is 6/06. Which would make her almost 3.5 years old. The one we were given for the I600 appt was 7/07 making her 2.5 which is way more realistic. We'll let you know if we find out anything.

And last but not least I keep forgetting to mention that my sister is recovered & doing awesome:) Haiti has deeply touched her heart . Tiffany & her husband Tony are looking into sponsoring some children to go to school through Haitian Roots www.haitianroots.com. I am very excited for them !

Bye for now,


Rumo Mom said...

Bambi, Jumped to your blog from another one I follow about Haitian adoption. We are i process of adopting 3 from Haiti. I noticed your Niagra Falls photo & wondered if you are from NY. I have been looking for other adoptive families near us and so far no luck. Julie www.rumofamily.com

David and Candice said...

it is strange how birthdays are a little different then when you first started..glad to hear your sister is doing better. -Candice

lonnieloree said...

Always good to hear updates. It somehow makes me feel like things havent been forgotten or that the ball is still rolling (but maybe gathering moss). They're driving me nuts about her age....aaaahhhhhhgh. I'm Grandma- i gotta know these things!