Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Chat with Pat (sort of)

Recently, I had a cool opportunity to chat with a representative from our U.S. Congressman’s office. A couple of times over the past months we have contacted Representative Pat Tiberi’s office to ask for his support of adoption related issues. The first time was to ask him to sign the Dear Colleague letter that was drafted and sponsored by a Congresswoman from Washington, Cathy McMorris Rodgers urging the Haitian Government to pass new adoption laws and grant Presidential Dispensations in the interim.

When a representative from Congressman Tiberi’s office called me back, he and I had a chance to talk about the letter, the fact that he is a big supporter of adoption - he actually co-sponsored the resolution to recognize November as National Adoption Month - and a little about the continuation of the federal adoption tax credit, which I of course encouraged him to support. Unfortunately, we didn’t get word to our congressman until it was too late to add his name to the Dear Colleague letter.

It was a great - albeit - short conversation with my new friend Andy Hardy (the rep. I spoke with). During our talk, he encouraged me to contact the Congressman’s office about anything we wanted him to know about. Again, it’s encouraging to know that some of our elected officials are listening! We’ll just need to be a little faster on getting word to them in the future!

Adam (Guest Blogger)

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lonnieloree said...

Yes Bambi told me about this conversation & I think it's important to keep in touch with this Andy guy so thoughts of the adoption needs aren't pushed out of their minds.