Tuesday, December 1, 2009

From The Mouth Of Babes

December 2006, our journey to our sister begins

December 2009, still waiting for our sister

Can you believe it is December 1st ? I was sitting & thinking back to this time last year and remembering all the chaos trying to put our dossier together for Haiti in the middle of the holiday season. CRAZINESS ! I remember the sweet satisfaction of fedexing the masterpiece we had compiled to Wasatch ( our adoption agency ) for the final time. Something even Crazier is that 3 years have gone by since our initial conversations on the possibility of adoption.

In December 2006 Adam & I decided we would look into sponsoring a child from India through an organization supported by our church. I would pull up available children for sponsorship on the computer & read the bio's and loom over their pictures. Thus, mom's computer obsession begins :) The kids would be peaking over my shoulders, asking lots of questions just as curious & fascinated about the children as we were.

Of course, one of the decisions we had to make when selecting a child to sponsor was boy/ girl, age etc. Zoe had piped up that she wanted to sponsor a girl since she didn't have a sister. Well, of course the boys found this unfair & chimed in that we should sponsor 2 children, a boy & a girl to make it fair. I remember telling them we could only afford to sponsor one & that it would be Adam's & I decision as to who.

Then we moved to the question of what it meant to sponsor a child. After going through the details of that , which I must not of conveyed well the first time, Zoe was very upset. All this time she had thought we meant we would be bringing this child home , possibly a sister , to live with us . " We can barely afford to sponsor a child for $30.00 a mo. much less bring them home & take care of them ", I retorted. " You & dad just need to spend your money more wisely", she answered. OUCH ! Sometimes I think kids have a way of seeing the bottom line. Their minds aren't all mucked up with all the stress & what ifs of adulthood. I had my whole list of reasons why we could NOT adopt. None of them too sound, mostly from fear of the unknown. But the idea was planted in my heart & continued to grow.

After scanning the internet , attending webinars & informational sessions, requesting info packets from different agencies so on & so on I could just feel God growing my desire to adopt. A secret that we kept from friends and family ( even the kids ) for a while, afraid of the response that could be true. "ARE YOU CRAZY ? "And we may very well be:) But couldn't be happier with our decision to move forward. Not a decision out of guilt from a 6 yr old but an informed decision and a desire that continues to grow in our hearts.I have learned that all it takes is a willingness. And as I erase the lines I have drawn in the sand God is able to work out the details:)

"For I know the plans I have for you", declares theLord. " To prosper & not to harm you. To give you hope & a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Pete and Mare said...

I LOVE hearing how you were inspired to find your sweet daughter Vania. She is such a doll! What a journey so far!! I am so thankful to have the oppertunity to be there as your journey unfolds. We continue to pray for the Lord to bless you all. ~Mare

David and Candice said...

I love how he puts stuff in or lives to move us in the right direction:)-Candice

mlg said...

That was inspiring it is amazing what happens to us when we open up to what God has in store for us!

Tia said...

Wow! That made me cry!! I'm grateful to be able to go along this journey with you!

lonnieloree said...

What a story of not just following your heart but seeking God's guidance and listening for that "small still voice" and then being willing to follow his leading!!! Some people you just can't explain that to, but you're not crazy- you're (spiritually) connected! by the way- i just looked down and the word verification is wholi!!!! WIERD

Rumo Mom said...

Great post. You mirror some of my own thoughts. Praying that all of our children are sharing Christmas with is next year!!!!!

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

i love the old and new Christmas picture and i love the new background for your page!!