Monday, January 25, 2010


Because we haven't been on enough of a rollercoaster....

Chareyl arrived at the Embassy today and was notified that the Haitian government has put a freeze on everything.

She said they told her that they cannot even give her the paperwork that has been approved until the government gives her direction.

She said that Secretary Clinton and DHS and President Preval, etc, etc are in a meeting right now trying to negotiate things.

The Embassy is turning away all people for appointments and telling them to come back tomorrow.

Chareyl says this is all very political. Haiti had lifted their exit requirements and now they've revoked that and they want to approve every child leaving.

I believe this explains why we stopped getting phone calls yesterday from DHS regarding file approvals.

I also believe there is a reason our miracle flight was arranged for THURSDAY when we wanted TUESDAY.

We need to continue to pray, folks. We need some leaders' hearts softened. We need them to be inspired to find a way for them to process their Haitian Government approval that will make them happy and that our files that are down there will meet.

We have approved I-171Hs, we have pictures of parents and passports and pictures of parents with the children. We have the proof of relationship.

Chareyl says there is NOTHING that anyone in any US government can do. This is a HAITIAN GOVERNMENT decision. It won't matter who is there. You can't fly there and make it any different than what Chareyl is getting. I know you want to DO because that's what PARENTS do.

This time all parents can do is PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. You can get mad. You can cry. Just make sure you move on to PRAY.


I think we still move forward with faith and book flights (with insurance in case we have to make a change) and move forward trusting that God will DELIVER.

I will keep you posted if I get any more information. Chareyl is going to continue to try to get into the Embassy so that the instant Haiti has a decision we can pick up our paperwork.

I'll keep you posted.


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tgerling said...

Aggggg! The suspense is killing me! I am praying with all of my might and heart that things work out for the Thursday flight home. We have the plane, the fuel, and the all we need is a little help from the Haitian government! I am praying hard!