Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today Chareyl will be heading down to the Embassy again to check on the status of paperwork for Humanitarian Parole. Please pray that they would let her into the Embassy today & that the hold on Humanitarian Parole for the children would be lifted. Pray that God would move yet another mountain & she would be able to return today with Humanitarian parole papers for EVERY child from Hope For Little Angels of Haiti. We continue to pray that God would soften the heart of All the Government leaders involved & we can all work together to bring these children to safety & into loving homes.

Adam & I are still booking flights today to travel to Utah Wednesday. Lord please calm my anxious heart :)

I had to add this great praise. On Lori 's blog she has noted that all 10k was raised yesterday to cover the plane fuel. That was done within 24hrs folks :) God is GOOD !!!!!!

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lonnieloree said...

ok then- changin ur blog to utah or bust? i think they will process the paperwork and the kids will all be approved. i just read a site from rebecca harris and it seems they are just being careful to avoid anyone trying to get a child over here that didnt have the status of the orphans with all the proper documentation...i dont know what do i know.. i'm not giving up hope. the plane,supplies,people are all prepared and i feel this is really it... i'm camping by my computer..love you...