Friday, January 22, 2010


Our Heroes in Port Au Prince
Scott, Brent , Chareyl , Lindsay & Mystery man

Last nights updates from Lori......

I just got a message from the team - they're on the ground in PAP. They say "it's very dark" - referring to the fact that there's still no power in the area. They're looking for some place safe to bed down for the night. The Church of Scientology gave each of the passengers a little sleeping bag because they knew they'd be on the ground.

Please continue to pray for their safety and their safe return

It's 4 AM there and they're just barely bedding down. Let's hope they get a few hours rest before the sun rises over the island.

Thank you, Lord for keeping them safe.

Just got another message. Scott has Avrie in his arms right now. I hear she looks good. Brent called me a bit choked up and said, 'Guess what? I have Fabrice on my lap and Schneider snuggled up to my side. They said Wiclef looks good. Chareyl also wanted the Carnogurskys to know that she has seen Rachel, Rueben and Gladimy and they look great. The boys definitely recognized Brent and were happy to see him. I'm sure it was similar for Scott adn Avrie.
Chareyl feels great hope that all the children will come home soon. She'll know later day what type of time frame you'll be dealing with...

So, they'v arrived at the Church where Harry is Bishop and are seeing thoe of our children that were in his aera when the quake hitl

Hoping to hear more great news today. Thank you again to our team of HEROES. We are routing for you!!!!!!!!

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lonnieloree said...

checking first thing this a.m. I was so disheartened last nite when cnn said 1400 flights waiting to get onto PAP and the airport only able to handle 140 a day. How thrilling to wake up to the news that they are already with the kids! I feel so much better ! Praying for everything with the paperwork to go smoothly and for all of their safety...