Friday, January 22, 2010

Kepp the Prayers coming!

Please pass the word on ...... These are the latest updates & prayer needs for our group

Chareyl was able to get in to the Embassy but only for those few children that should have already had visas based on where they were in the process (no I don't know exactly which of the 70 children that is). She said she is on a waiting list for Humanitarian Parole appointments for the other 60+ children.What I'm hearing from the Senators offices isn't good. The Embassy is just completely overwhelmed. A logjam of humanity and chaos with tired, exhausted people and desperate applicants.I know our senators are aware of this. I know they've contacted the State Dept. We honestly need some miracles here. I need prayers and need them desperately.As for the children, Harry and Guesno are gathering those the rest of the kids to the location where "Team Hope" is (Fontamara's location of Foyer de Sion). I'll send more info as I get it.
Much love to all,

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