Thursday, January 14, 2010

Praise God !

We just received word that Chareyl our adoption coordinator has received word from Harry a friend & person who works closely with the orphanage that he has been in contact with one of the nannies from the new O building ( located near the airport ) and that they are okay. Remember we do not know yet which children are there. Still no news on the other O building in Carrefour. Harry has also been unable to reach Nadia the director for Hope For Little Angels of Haiti. We have also learned that Harry has lost family members in the quake. Please take a minute to pray for his family , for the people still missing & that we would be able to get news on the other O in Carrefour soon!


Laurie said...

Esteps...I'm sure you already know we are in constant prayer for you and Vania and the other children. We love you guys!

Tiffany Gerling said...

I am so incredibly happy to hear that Harry is safe. I am praying for his family, Nadia, and all of the children at Hope for Little Angels.