Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The adoptive parents were able to listen in on a conference call today between DHS ( Department of Homeland Security), USCIS ( immigration ), HHS ( Human services ) & the powers that be . It was all very encouraging & I have no doubt that they are working hard to bring our children home. They also wanted to make it clear that it was Haiti's intention as well to get the kids home & that the 2 parties were in full agreement on this. Our children will come home. In the meantime we wait for the details of the process to unfold. and did I mention..... WE HAVE A PLANE TO CATCH !

We have had 2 representatives call us from Pat Tiberi's office today to see how we are doing and ask if they could help. They are trying to see if USCIS or DHS has record of our files & if we have Humanitarian Parole. We have not gotten the confirmation e-mail or phone call. But it would be nice reassurance. The coolest thing was that they said they had received several calls or e-mails from family & friends about our case. So Thanks everyone, they are listening !

We will keep you updated :) Pray for a miracle !

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lonnieloree said...

you're breaking my heart! keep us posted-i'm hopeful and praying....