Monday, January 18, 2010

Urgent prayer needs !!!!

Dear Hope Families,

I just received word from Harry early this morning on the children. Again the messages are incomplete and very

Short. But apparently all the children are not together. Harry has not been able to reach Abel so

We don’t know if some of the children are with him, but he gave me a list of the children that are

Not with Nadia. Again, I am assuming the rest of the children ARE with her. He is going to try and reach Nadia today

And get all the children with her and take them to the church where he can care for them. He will also

try and locate the rest of the children. I know this will be hard to read if your child is on the list below,

but please know that we don’t have all the information Yet. However hard I want to give the information as I receive it.

As I understand it, these are the children not with Nadia:






Jean Tony




We need to pray hard to find these children, everyone get your friends and family to pray.

I will continue to be vigilant in getting information.

My heart is with all of you!



Pete and Mare said...

I'm so sorry Bambi. Praying that we will recieve news that everyone is safe today. Hang in there. Love you ~ mare

David and Candice said...

Stay strong,I hope everyone will be found and brought back safe.we will pray for this.-Candice

Tiffany Gerling said...

I have so much sorrow in my heart reading this list. Pray pray pray that all of the kids are safe and will soon be in Harry's and Nadia's care.