Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grandpa Steve's Butt- Cream
AKA : Aquaphor & Maalox blended to perfection !

Last Monday Vania has a diaper rash going on so Grandpa Steve , who is also a pharmacist called our local CVS & asked them to make up some special cream for Vania. We went in to pick it up & as soon as we got into the store I received an important call from the pediatrician. So just dropping by to pick up the diaper cream turned into trying to keep Vania occupied in CVS & out of harms way while trying to soak in & listen to the doctor give me lab results for some of the additional blood work they had ordered. There really is never a good time for phone calls :) CVS was very patient. As soon as I was done talking to the doctor, I grabbed the diaper cream, put back the 1o pairs of gloves I let her put in & out of the cart to keep her occupied & headed for the door ! Once we were all buckled in I read the front of the container & had a good laugh !!!!
I wanted to thank CVS . I know a lot of employees have been praying for Vania & for Hope Of Little Angels from Haiti. Grandpa Steve says they call & ask for updates sometimes 2x a week ! They had also sent down a lot of supplies for the Orphanage with Tiffany & I when we went to Haiti last October !!
There is some new info from the doctor. According to Vania's bone x-ray they think she is anywhere from 24 months to 30 months. So the original birthdate we were given of 7/21/07 would be the more accurate one. He will send all the info to the pediatrician so it is on record if we decide later on to try to legally change the birth date.
As far as adjustment, our biggest challenge has been naptime & bedtime. We have decided not to give her a nap. It takes just as long to lay her down as the time she spends sleeping :) We have also decided to let her stay up & lay down with the kids who have all been bumped to a 9:00pm bedtime. She seems to do better when all the kids lay down. Although we still lay with her for about 10 min. before she falls asleep. But the last couple days this has worked well & she has not gotten up at 4am :)
We have an ENT appointment March 5th . We are still concerned about her snoring & coughing through the night & have gotten her snoring action on video . Mama wants answers !
We have received a little info on where to proceed with the adoption from here, but I'm still a little confused so I won't post details until it's clearer. It looks though like we have 2 options. 1) through Haiti or 2) through the State. More on that as it unfolds.
Here are more fun pictures of our sweetie .......

I love to play with my cousin Kylah !

I love Grandpa's Bacon & eggs & Grandma's dress up clothes !

I love Grandma's yellow hat ! It makes me look like the Gorton's Fisherman :)

I love eating cantaloupe with Grandpa ! And know if i smile I get to look at myself on the Camera :)

I LOVE MY POPPIE !!!!!!!!!!


R AND R AND Z said...

she is so cute. yeah the whole adoption thing is confusing.

Brent and Lori said...


Nathan hasn't finished all his medical stuff either.

And naps and bedtime are horrifying, but if he doesn't do naptime then he becomes possessed by an evil screaming banshee before bedtime.

He is getting better though.

That birthday makes her about a month older than Mr. N. It's frustrating that Haiti doesn't keep track of things - like birthdays, or which buildings are built where or the number of people that live in a given place.

OK. Shutting up now.


David and Candice said...

Glad to hear that she is doing so well she is so darn cute! Yonelson has the snoring problem too.-Candice

mlg said...

She is looking good! I am with you on the confusion for the next step could they make it anymore difficult? Avrie is doing good on the bedtime and nap time it is Destina who is still causing trouble! She still wants to sleep with us and not go to bed until everyone goes to bed!

lonnieloree said...

Darling pictures! I had to laugh at Lori's description of Nathan @ bedtime!Curious isn't it that these kids all have snoring problems,huh? Wonder if it's the Haitian genes or maybe they breathed alot of the dust and pollution after the quake.But I guess she snored when you were down there for the parent visits.Maybe they hate to sleep because they snore! Or snore because they hate to sleep!

Tiffany Gerling said...

She is just too darn cute! Love the picture of her and Adam. She really is a happy little angel (and quite the little dancer!).

Kimmeedee said...

PaPa G stuffing Vania to the gills might be a better caption for the photo with Big G! Calista always says she goes home from Thornville stuffed!

My friends did their adoption through the state of PA after already doing it through Guatemala. She originally opted to do the Guatemalan option, and then encountered difficulty getting her daughter a social security number and name change here in the States. They had to go ahead and do it in PA to end those nightmares. Don't know if it's anything like a Haitian adoption, but going through the state ended up making things (somewhat) smoother for her and her husband.