Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life In The Fast Lane

Carson moved up a rank to Tiger at the Blue & Gold Banquet. Yeah Carson !Thank you Boy Scouts for your generous donation to Hope for little Angels of Haiti!

I love my princess nightgown & new earrings !

Thank you Tammy for my beautiful blanket!

My new favorite thing ! Trying to jump rope :)

What a week ! I'll try not to drag this post out but I'm limited on posting time so when I get A chance I throw it all out there. I'll try to hit the big parts of the week first !

We met Thursday with an adoption attorney to start Vania's domestic adoption process. The meeting went well & it feels good to lay everything out to someone who's experienced & say here's what we have help us figure this out. This is so new for everyone in the adoption arena that I think the challenge will be up to the attorneys & the courts & the rest of the powers that be to figure out how to process these children with so little info. & documentation. We are working from a small white envelope given to us when Vania was released to us in Miami our home study & any other info we could find in our filing cabinet. Our attorney said that the proof of relinquishment by Vania's mom is something she feels the judge will request. All we have is a monthly update with a check mark by " relinquishment by parent to orphanage ". Even though we know this to be true, we have no formal document. So our attorney is looking into seeing what we can get from our placing agency. All though the process is still vague for us I'm glad to have a professional to help & share the burden in figuring out all the STUFF out to get this adoption completed !I'm definitely a person who likes a checklist . And when there isn't a checklist or guidelines I am LOST !

The next thing is that we had Vania's ENT appointment Friday. That was pretty easy except for the wait . No procedures or blood draws = no crying :) Long story short her tonsils are HUGE & she will be getting them out ! She is a little anemic so they will have to wait until her iron levels stabilize. Unfortunately we have not been able to sneak her iron supplement into anything. That stuff is just gross !! So I'm going to start trying to crush a multivitamin and sneak it into chocolate pudding :) Once her iron levels are fine she will have her adenoids & tonsils out at Children's Hospital. Just a one night stay & estimated 2wks for recovery.

I also wanted to give a BIG thank you to Boy Scout Pack #277 for their donations to Hope For Little Angels of Haiti Orphanage. We were able to send Hope $200.00 this past week from collections taken up by the pack after the earthquake. Very awesome guys !!!!!

Some fun things to mention.... I finally got my Talliah Wiijahd Black Earth ( I'm sure I butchered the spelling :) products in the mail for Vania's hair ! I absolutely LOVE to play with her hair ! It is sooooo fun. Haven't a clue yet if they work better than any other hair product but it's fun experimenting :)

Adam & I took Vania to Wendy's after our attorney appointment. A very nice lady came up & asked if we had adopted her from Haiti. We replied yes & she said that she was also Haitian. Her mom had grown up in Haiti. She was born here in the U S . What was so cool was that she thanked us for adopting Vania. Little does she know that we are truly the ones blessed to have an awesome little girl joining our family but it was nice have her give us her "blessing / Acceptance " of some sorts.

I have to tell you this.. right after I got done writing this post a person 32in tall with big brown eyes came over & turned the computer off ! AHHHH :) Luckily it saved itself ! Did I mention she's FAST !!! Until next blogging time..... ( probably when she's fast asleep ) !


mlg said...

She is such a beautiful little girl. I am with you on the adoption stuff feels like we are starting over, can we please just get this done!

David and Candice said...

She is so darn cute! Wow that is so great what your little boys scout troop did:) I know what you mean about trying to find time to blog. I wish i had all the energy that our new crew had.-Candice

lonnieloree said...

that is truly awesome about the mother in Wendy's! How kind that she made you feel good about adopting one of "her own".I LOVE these pics of Vania! Is it just me, or is she getting more beautiful each day?Carson doodle- you are so handsome! I just love a man in uniform! Thanks so much to your pac-troop- for raising $2oo.oo! Wow! Way to help!!!

Kimmeedee said...

NPR talked about Haitian children and mentioned The Little Angels program on Morning Edition this morning. You can probably et the podcast at

Jason and I wish we could bring a Haitian child into our family!

Tiffany Gerling said...

I am so happy that you have figured out the snoring stuff! She is such an amazing little lady, with so much wonder! I cant wait to see her again soon!