Friday, February 19, 2010

Fan Mail

I hope Vania is ok because of earthquake in Haiti. If shes going to be ok I hope she likes America. I heard this of you guys because my mom's friend is your sister Erin. These other cards that are coming are for Vania from me & my class.
Wade Cowan

There are so many people to thank for praying & supporting our family to get Vania home. On the top of my list is Wade Cowan. His mother Christie is a friend of Vania's aunt Erin & she had shared pic. of Vania & our family's experience with her family. So as the quake unfolded Wade decided to get his class to make cards for her & sent them to us from Iowa. It was very uplifting & touching to know that someone whom we had never met was rooting for Vania to come home ! Thanks Wade !!! We will keep all these cards & someday I will tell her how excited everyone was for her to come home :)


David and Candice said...

How sweet and thoughtful,I can not wait for all the kids to hear the story of how they got Home to there forever family.:)

Erin Wallace said...

Wade is such a sweet kid. I didn't know he was doing this (it's so sweet, I almost started crying!). I just asked people to pray and I guess in this small town, lots of people did! I've been loving reading about Vania and our family and was SO happy when Vania was found (and you and Adam). You have such a beautiful family and you are so beautiful (inside and out). Love you - Erin

Pete and Mare said...

Very sweet guys:) ~Mare

lonnieloree said...

Wonderful people everywhere touch our lives and we sometimes don't even know it or know them. Bambi, your Aunt Toni told me she had two Bible study groups praying throughout this whole time of the earthquake and trying to locate Vania and bring her and the other children home. Also, even her housekeeper Kim, had ,I believe three different prayer chains going on through her church. Tiffany and Isiah had things happening @ Whole Foods- prayers and donations, Steve had people praying at CVS's from Mt. Vernon to Columbus to Newark, and of course us,and Cory and our circles of friends. There's nothing like an army of believers, all praying towards the same end!I just watched the We Are the World video for the third time, and I always get chills. So glad you, Adam and Tiffany were able to experience Haiti before this all happened. You never knew what great event in history was about to unfold, and how emotionally invested you would be in it.

mlg said...

What a sweet idea, it will be great for her to read back on that and see how many people loved her that did not yet know her!