Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kids Gone Wild

Yes, we were off of school again today due to the snow ! It is still snowing & I'm hoping that the snow plows are able to keep up so school can resume tomorrow :) I know bah- humbug right ? The fact of the matter is , we have not had one week where their has been any regular schedule since bringing Vania home. This is the second week in a row the kids have had 2 days of during the week & we are all driving each other crazy. Not to mention our options of getting out are limited due to the weather . This mama likes routine & warmer weather :) So today was not such a good day. Many tantrums & bickering from all parties here in the Estep household. Snow day or not tomorrow I am heading up to my mom's for some much needed adult conversation & COFFEE !!

Vania had her appointment at Children's Hospital International Adoption Clinic last Friday. It was indeed a long appoinment. She fared well for the first half which was just a basic medical exam, Denver Developemental Test, meeting with physical therapist & meeting with nutritionist. Then the doctor did a PPD test to test for tuberculosis . That sent her over the edge. She was highly offended and cried the rest of the trip :( After I settled her down we made a quick bathroom trip which resulted in her getting her fingers pinched in the door. So.. back to tears.
Next stop the lower level of the out patient clinic for an x-ray of her hand ( to determine age based on bone growth ) & MORE bloodwork. More tears :( We had some done initially through our pediatrician. Which by the way all came back normal, INCLUDING the one for Sickle Cell ( which had been marked as positive on her inital medical report from Haiti ) ! The only thing low was her iron level, so she is on an iron supplement. Her stool cultures have also all been fine.
Only three more appointments to go. We did ears yesterday. All good. In March we have Hematology, ENT & eyes. Whew !

Anyway to the pictures.......

Her first homecoming party .Thanks Cathy ! Love the cake
Vania loves balloons & chasing/ hitting :) people with them !

She loves reading her picture books & can repeat most anything !

Making cookies with Mama. Any time I am cooking she tries to eat all the dry ingredients. Yesterday it was dry potatoes for the scallop potaoes I was making. She ate them like potato chips. Then wasn't to fond of them when served on her plate :)

Playing with cousins Eli & Kylah

Aunt Lindsay showing her how to take a photo

Lots of sweet kisses !

Well, off to bed for now. Bon -Wit !



eli likes to do the same thing with balloons! i can't wait for them to have a more intimate play date tomorrow...if the kids have school *Wink wink*

lonnieloree said...

AAh! LOve the pic of her and Carson... this mama knows how exasperating 4 kids cooped up in the winter can get! Hang in there Bambi- we're having a blast with you today!!!!

Dominic M. said...

thank you for sharing.

I pray for you and your family!

God bless


Tia said...

Collin saw your pictures and kept pointing to them and saying "Hallo Vanna" with a big grin on his face. I think he misses her. Glad to hear she is doing well!

tgerling said...

Ahhh! Looks like you guys are all having a blast. Wish I was able to be there! Hopefully Aunt TT can get a playdate with Vania and the rest of the kiddos soon. Love you guys!

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

Bambi- you do a great job with her hair! It looks sooo cute in the pictures!