Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Babies & Birthdays

A GREAT big sister !

Zoe turns 10 ! Double digits baby !!!

Out for birthday dinner with her friend Emily.

Vania & cousin Kylah

This past week we got to visit my new little neice Leia. She is now 21/2 months old & truly a miracle. She was born with Gastroschisis. which is when part of the intestines form outside the body. She spent about a month and a half at Children's hospital but is now home & doing great ! She is so teeny tiny & cute. Vania absolutely loved her. She immediately wanted my sister Cory to put her on her lap , made sure she had her pacifier & hugged & kissed her over & over. We also got to take cousin kylah , Leia's older sister, to the park with us to play.Vania loves to play with Kylah. They carck me up & act like like they have been best friends FOREVER !
Zoe turned 10 last Saturday. It still is hard for me to believe she is that old. She took her friend Emily to see Alice & Wonderland & then out to dinner. It was a lot of fun watching the girls have a great "girl's night out ". Zoe is a wonderful Big sister to Vania as well as a big helper. Having an extra willing set of hands around here is always a plus:)
Vania has her first cold going on, which hasn't helped with the sleeping issues. It is so cute how she worries about her nose running. She is very good about asking for a tissue & has to use a new one EVERY time she wipes her nose :) She has her Hematology appointment on Thursday & then we have a break from doctor appointments for awhile ( knock on wood ! ) The social worker comes out next Tuesday for our post - placement visit. So please shoot an extra prayer up Tuesday morning for " Shalom in the home ". No we are not Jewish, I just like that phrase .

Vania with baby Leia


lonnieloree said...

thanks for sharing those beautiful pics. Your family is just wonderful.Hope they're all on their best behavior Tues. Glad Kylah has a gal her age to buddy with. Vania is such a lovey- dovey! What a neat personality she has! All your kids are so cool. And grandma isn't biased or anything!

mlg said...

She is so cute! We had our Social Worker visit last week and it went ok Destina was acting a little weird and the SW was probably glad to leave our crazy house!

David and Candice said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!! What a fun day for her. I love the family Picture who would have thought you would have it this soon.-Candice

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

awwwwwhhh what cute cousins!!!