Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Has Sprung !

Whoo Hoo !!! We have had some excellent uplifting weather this past week :) It is so refreshing to get outside.so what has been going on besides the great weather ?
We have started to completely redo the bedrooms. Everything is moved out & we have started painting & carpet is on the way. Thanks to Grandma Brenda who has been leading the effort in getting the work done. Spending time through out the week & weekend helping us paint. Thanks to my mom for letting us hang at her place to keep the kids out of harms way while painting !Hopefully this will get us just that much closer to getting the house ready to sell. Yes... we need more room ! The way the market is for now we figure we have a little time before we will be able to put our house on the market. In the meantime we will do things to improve our house in order to sell.
Vania has really been enjoying the outside. We love to take walks in the stroller & she usually falls asleep :) Double YEAH!!!!
Last Friday she had her eye appointment & all is well. Monday she started her immunizations. Yikes! She was mad about that for the rest of the day.
The whole way home she cried off & on and held her little legs :( The rest of the day her legs "wouldn't work" & she showed everyone her boo boos. But today she is fine & running & jumping around as usual .
Last Sunday we had our family shower hosted by my sister in law Julie. THANKS JULIE ! It was a ton of fun. Vania had a great time. She put on ALL of her clothes at the same time and strutted around. She kept them on & I patiently took them off & on as she needed a diaper change. UNTIL... she cried CA! CA ! MOMMY ! Then it was a race to the toilet. From then on we were only aloud to wear 1 outfit at a time.
We joined a local mom's club & have had fun meeting some other mom's & kids & going on outings. Today we toured Trader Joe's. It was alot of fun.Until...... Vania had been playing with mom's keys. So I put her in the Car seat, threw my keys to the front seat, closed the door & went to put the cart back. To my surprise when I returned my doors were locked. AWWWWWH ! Thankfully my friends from mom's group were still with us & able to call for security. Hats off to Trader Joe's too. The manager came out too make sure we were okay & waited with us until the doors were unlocked. They weren't able to get the door unlocked but were able to fish my keys off the front seat & through the crack in the door. My fear was that Vania would panic. But no, she was just smiling & waving from her seat eating the bag of dried strawberries we had just bought. WHEW!
Anyway ,I will go for now. Gotta run :)


David and Candice said...

I love that it is starting to be spring!! Vania is a Girl it's hard not to wear all your new clothes at once:) glad your family is doing so good.-candice

lonnieloree said...

I love all your Vania stories...never boring,huh? We are also excited for the nice weather- break out the grills!Dust off the patio furniture! My favorite part of the party was after she had enough outfits on to look 50 lbs heavier, she opened Grandpas card that plays the Isleys singing "Twist and Shout" and she was GETTIN' DOWN with her bumps and pops and butt-slappin' gyrations-Haiti style dancing. The whole crowd was splitting up laughing. I have a feeling this little gal is gonna take the spotlight many times in her life!

Tiffany Gerling said...

I am so glad that Vania had such a great time at her Welcoming party! I had a great time too! She probably thought it was great fun to be sitting in her car with her dried strawberries watching you guys freak out! She is such a fun little girl...I love her to pieces!

R Journey 2 Lily said...

Wow! So nice to read your story and Vania is just beautiful! Never a dull moment as a mom right?? LOL. Awesome!