Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Open Wide

Not to much to report this week ! Just another busy week where I couldn't really point to exactly why it was busy , I just know it was :)

Zane got his braces on last week. The first few days his teeth were very tender and had trouble eating due to his palate expander, but he has adapted . Adam & I laugh because he takes better care of his teeth NOW than he ever had before.After 11 1/2 years no need for reminders or tooth checks. He is the master of brushing and flossing ( for now :) You know, It only took 5,000 dollars worth of braces to get him motivated :)

Vania has her tonsils & adenoids removed tomorrow. Please pray for her. I expect the surgery to be pretty routine. Hope the doctors have that extra cup of coffee in the morning. I am a little worried about her being anxious waking up in the hospital attached to an I.V etc.Please pray that God would just calm her anxious heart , or keep her somewhat sedated :) We are supposed to being staying over night but I am praying she would being doing so well that we would be released tomorrow evening. I'm sure she can rest better at home, but I understand the precautions they are taking.

Not too much new on the adoption process. We are still working on getting what the judge needs to process her case. If any one would like to share their adoption process after the quake that would be great ! You can e-mail us or leave a comment here.

It sounds like there are a lot of new positive changes coming to Hope for little Angels of Haiti. You can read the updates on our friend Lori's blog !

I'm also still working the hair. Trying different styles and products . so if you have any feedback on favorite products or styles I'd love to hear them :)

I had to add this....
So the nurse calls for a pre-op hx on Vania after I get done writing this.. You know how it is with kids. She's bouncing around the furniture climbing my legs, etc. etc. I'm trying to keep her occupied why listening at the same time. Then she decides she wants to walk Cleo. So she gets the leash down And I help her put it on the dog. Then she starts running around the room yelling " Cleo CHIT Cleo CHIT " Which sounded as if she wanted cleo to use the bathroom right there in the living room. In Creole the word for sit is Chita, pronounced SHEE-TAH. Good lord, I know Cleo was thinking" I prefer the back yard thank you" & I don't know what the kind nurse thought on the phone. She asked if Vania was in speech therapy early in the conversation & I said no. But she was probably thinking " What is she teaching this kid! "



mlg said...

Love the dog story! Love Vania's hair, and good luck with the op tomorrow. We just finalized our adoption I guess our state is a little more lax, we just gave them the HP papers and the post placement report and filled out some paperwork and the judge signed them today!

David and Candice said...

Good luck Today we will keep her in our prayers for comfort. I know how that is when the little ones are saying something and you know the person is thinking what are they saying:)-Candice

lonnieloree said...

Cleo is the best dog ever! And Vania's hair is always adorable- you do a great job!One of our recent phone conversations i could hear V in the background saying "Grandma CaCa!" over and over!(which she got scolded for) !Hey- the word verif. today is viniasoo!

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

haha! How funny about Vania and Cleo- love that picture... Cleo looks like a monster next to tiny Vania! Bambi- her hair!!!! Its wonderful- you are catching on really quickly! I love her hair every time you do it!!