Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Spring line- up

Soccer is in full swing . Which equals = 3 players, 2 fields a practice or game almost every-night of the week , soccer for most of Saturday & 2 tired parents :) But the pay off is that we have come out of our winter hibernation & are getting our bodies moving. The kids are having fun & I certainly enjoy watching them play. A little too much sometimes( as I've been told :) Adam has been coaching Zane's team which requires a little more juggling between the other 2 but I'm glad they get to spend the time together & I know Zane enjoys having his dad be THE COACH !

Vania has been tuckered out lately with all the running. She has been letting us lay her down at 8:30 or so with out needing the kids to lay down too. The weather has been nice so I've been trying to get out with the joggong stroller more often which means more naps & a less grumpy 2 year old ( & mommy )in the evenings. We have been working on re-potty training Vania. She was potty trained when we met her last June in Haiti. But after picking her up in Miami I was afraid because of the stress & new environment not to have her in pull -ups. I think that because the diaper is super absorbent she doesn't mind the " portable toilet " if you know what I mean. Although she does mind going #2 in her pull up & has only done that 1x. We started the sticker chart & she has been excited to get her stickers. She is telling me more when she has to pee pee but not quite getting the fact that I don't just want to know WHEN she's peeing but that I would prefer it go in the toilet.

We had yes ANOTHER shower Sunday. This time by our church. We have been so fortunate to have all this support & great friends. One of the coolest things was a scrap book made by a friend of Adams, Dawna, who he used to work with. It has pictures from when we first met Vania last June until we brought her home. Vania loved it & just giggled on our laps as we flipped through the pages. & of course she carried around her loot just thrilled that it was HERS !

Adam is teaching our home church this week & it never fails that we have some sort of appliances break every time he teaches. So this time it was our desk top computer & the kids cell phone! So i have more pics to share but for some reason I can't find the pictures easily on this lap top & I'm running out of time anyway. So bye for now .


lonnieloree said...

Bambi you are sooo busy! I hope you always keep these blogs so when you're my age you can realize what a good mommy- and adam daddy too- you guys are! What great action pics you took!

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

Love that picture of Zoe, and Zane looks like such a stud! hahaha