Friday, June 25, 2010

Good Enough ?

Earlier this week we made our usual trip to the pool in the afternoon. We arrived just after a large group so I motioned to the kids to follow me around the line so I could flash our passes & not have to wait in the long line. We passed the front desk & I whipped out my 5 passes. The lady looked at us & said Day Care Huh ? & I said" no, actually they are all mine. "The comment took me by suprise at first because it is not unusual to have 4 kids. But after giving us a good look she followed up by saying" Wow, you are a GOOD person ". Which led me to believe she was referring to our adoption of Vania. Nothing she said was wrong , it just made me think about the statement that I was a GOOD person. We hear that statement alot when people find out we are adopting Vania. It's true that ADOPTION is a GOOD thing for soooo many needy children. Our part is more of a willingness.The fact is that there is no measure of goodness required to open up your heart & home to a child. I think more people could do it. Of course legally all adoptive parents are put through the wringer of home studies & back round checks etc. etc. But trust me our family is just as mucked up & messy as a lot of others & quite frankly poor. I remember when we first thought about adopting calling the agency to have them re- assure me that when they came out for the home visit they were not going to do the white glove test :) Or the scariness that Adam & I would have to under go psych evaluations as part of the criteria for Haiti.( no worries, we passed :)The fact that we started out & continue on this adoption journey has nothing to do with us being such GREAT people . But more of the fact that we serve a GOOD GOD. Who went through far greater lengths to adopt us as his children. So I appreciate all the wonderful comments, don't get me wrong. It does feel good to have people say nice things. But we cannot take the credit. We are willing participants who have opened up our lives to be the eyes, ears & body for some one much bigger to work his plans through. We could never be GOOD enough to do this on our own. It is in much better hands THANK GOD :)


Brent and Lori said...

I hear you, Bambi.

And I always tell people that we needed Nathan as much (or more) than he needed us.

I think "willingness" is a good way to describe it.

Well said!

mlg said...

Great post so true!!

lonnieloree said...

Wow Bambi- I am speechless(and that takes alot). You are so open-minded, willing, honest and pure- grateful and humble, kind and patient ,loving and tolerant,and unselfish.These are the things i pray for each morning and have for the last 17 and a half yrs. They are the fruits of the spirit and they are in each of our makeups if we allow the Holy Spirit to fill us up with His direction each day.

Tia said...

Awesome post! Thanks for being such a great example!