Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Vania has been asking a lot of questions about her friends from the O. We are trying to explain to her that they are not in Haiti anymore but at home with their mamas & papas in the USA. While we were riding in the van one day talking about her friends she started talking about Papa Brent. Papa Brent happens to be a fellow adoptive parent from our orphanage & a part of Team Hope who went down after the earthquake to get the children out. As a matter of fact the first picture we have of Vania after the quake is a picture of Brent holding her.

After thinking about the conversation in the van it struck me how much of an imprint he had made on Vania's young tender heart. A very loving & lasting imprint at such a vulnerable time. Thank you Papa Brent :) and all of Team Hope for taking good care of our children & bringing them home !By the way the next day she kept saying " Me go to Papa Brent's house NOW !" :)


lonnieloree said...

Aaaah! That is priceless! Thanks,Brent -from Grandma and Grandpa,too!

Brent and Lori said...

Nathan wants to watch Vania's video every time a computer is turned on! He just smiles as he watches her and then he tries to copy what she says.

I don't think he was "close" to the older kids at the O - the babies and the big kids didn't really play together, so he's been glad to see this clip of his friend.

Perla said...

oh my goodness. that is the cutest video i've ever seen. did brent see this?

Bambi and Adam said...

Yes , I think Brent saw it on Adam's facebook page :)