Sunday, July 11, 2010

We've got papers !

So... we haven't talked much about what is going on with the adoption process itself because really nobody seems to know. A lot of theories but nothing concrete, until recently. Our agency told us that we should be expecting a letter from USCIS (immigration ) & HHS ( Health & Human Services ) outlining the steps needed by each adoptive family to complete their adoption . & Wha La ... We received them Saturday. It clearly states to the local/state courts that we have consent from the above parties necessary to complete Vania's adoption. Way cool ! We are waiting word from our attorney, but she had stated in an earler conversation that she thought this would satisfy the judge with his earlier request of an affidavit from the orphanage approving the adoption of Vania. We have a finalization appointment scheduled for August 3rd. Keeping our fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!!


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lonnieloree said...

well well- just talked to you but the subject didn't come up. Definiteley keeping this in our prayers. Woo hoo! Aug. 3rd could be the day!!! So excited!