Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mini Va-Ca

Playing at East Harbor Beach

Riding Miller's Ferry

Cruising Put in Bay in our stylin' golf cart

Gem mining at Perry's Cave

This weekend we decided to go on a mini vacation to Lake Erie. It was a great getaway. Not to far of a drive. Beautiful weather !!!! Just enough activity to keep busy not not want to pull our hair out :) I think we will look into a longer stay next summer. The kids kept saying it was the best vacation ever. So there you go :) I'm sold !

The funniest story of the trip would have to be Vania at the beach. She would stand at the waters edge ( Dry sand ) and try to dive head first arms & legs flailing into the water pretending to swim. It gave the expression a fish out of water new meaning. I wanted to get it on video but you never knew when she would decide to try to ride the surf :)

Then as we tried to eat dinner on our blanket she kept yelling across the beach at the other kids " NO TOUCH MY STUFF ". The beach was CROWDED and I think every other kid had about the same sand toys as us. So... even though nobody was touching her STUFF, it apparently looked like they were to her :) What a hoot.

Happy 4th of July :)


Crystal The Coupon Momma said...

LOL you just have to love the thing they say and do.

David and Candice said...

what a fun time for the whole family.-Candice

lonnieloree said...

aaahh- little Vania. Want to do a family gig up there!