Sunday, July 18, 2010

Super Z B Day

I can't believe Zane turned 12 today ! Holy smokes, it has been a fast twelve years ! I vividly remember starting to go into labor with him. Adam & I had decided to go out one last time for dinner & a movie before being parents for the first time. I was looking at being induced because I was 1 week over due & miserable. We went out for steak then headed to the movies to see Something About Mary. Not very far into the movie I started having horrible back pain and as Adam laughed his rear off next to me, I winced in pain. Until finally I couldn't sit any longer and we needed to leave. We went home and things calmed down once I went to bed. Then at 1am I woke up to more contractions & we headed to the hospital. At 6am my my little 6 lb. 3oz. baby boy was born. And now I think 12 years later it will be one good growth spurt & he will be as tall as I am ( maybe taller ). Happy birthday big guy! Thanks for making me a mom for the first time:) ! We love you soooo much!!!


David and Candice said...

Happy Birthday Zane Hope you have a great one!!-Candice

lonnieloree said...

Aaaaah! sorry so late in reading this. Glad to remember the day he was born cuz i didn't know some of that. I LOVE YOU ZANE SOOOOOO MUCH! A dozen yrs. have flown by and we've enjoyed them so much with you- our first grandchild!