Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bug Lady

Zane holding a preying mantis

This is actually only the exoskeleton of a tarantula. Oh yeah, she brought a live one too !

The infamous hissing cockroach
(according to the bug lady, a great pet)

Vania is a very brave little girl ! The home school co -op had a pets class & invited the " bug lady" to visit. She had all sorts of interesting creepy crawly critters. And where was Miss V? Well , right beside the bug lady of course. Zane enjoyed them too . He was there to take pictures for his Current Events project. It was fun watching all the little eyes getting as big as saucers and the squeals every time the bug lady pulled a new bug out to show them. She will have to kill spiders for daddy in mommy's absence :)


David and Candice said...

One brave little girl :)

lonnieloree said...

Hey I still have Zane's newspaper pic. of holding the hissing cockroach at school!