Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gotcha Day, 1 Year Ago

January 30th,2010

· We went to the “His House Children’s Home” in Miami today to meet you. We started the paperwork and the worker that reviewed it said we’d have no problem getting you released today. Then we got to see you! You looked good. You had a blister on your hand and a little problem with your earlobe by your piercing. Otherwise, you look perfect. They said you were wild, which doesn’t surprise us, but you were quiet for us at first. You let us hold you and hug you and kiss you. In less than an hour, your true personality came out! Giggling, laughing, talking, eating beef jerky! We were so glad to see you. Then we went back to the office and they finished your paperwork and released you to us!

· Late today, we talked with Chareyl. She told us a little about your circumstances after the earthquake. From what we understand, your Birth Mother came to get you after the earthquake to make sure you were okay. Then she took you into the hills. Eventually, you were located with her. Brent told us that your Birth Mother is beautiful. This doesn’t surprise us because you are too! Chareyl said that your Birth Mother was very concerned about you and wanted to know for sure that you would still be adopted. Your Birth Mother loves you so much that she gave you to us. She wanted a better life for you than she could give you herself. We intend to deliver for her. She gave you the gift of a better life and us the gift of another beautiful daughter. I want you to know that your Birth Mother’s decision was motivated by love, nothing else. We thank God for her and for you. We thank God that he protected you during the earthquake that killed so many people in Haiti and that he gave your Birth Mother some time with you before you came to us. And also that he was able to give her assurance, through Chareyl, that there was still a loving family in the U.S. ready to open their home to you. I pray that we’re able to get a picture and an update to her about how you’re doing soon.

· Now, tonight, you’re sleeping in our hotel room. Unbelievable! The day after tomorrow we take you home. Zane, Zoe and Carson and so many others are so excited to meet you! You talked to them on the phone today. It was funny to hear you say their names!

Love, Poppie


Nichole said...

Can you believe it has been a year! Wow! I love her hair and you always do such a great job.

lonnieloree said...

I can't believe it's been a year either!Adam this gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes.

Zoe said...

I can't believe it either!