Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unexpected Beauty

A few weeks ago I took Vania to the library. I can't remember if it was rainy or cold ( or both ) but I had her all bundled up from head to toe. Seeing that my hands were full with Vania & a backpack full of books a nice man held the door for us. Once inside I pulled Vania's hood down and put her down to walk. "WHOA!!!! " I heard the man say. "I wasn't expecting that !" Apparently we had just rocked his world by the unveiling of our ebony & ivory relationship. I just had to laugh to myself. This poor guy needed to get out more :)

Adopting a black child was totally something that came unexpected to Adam & I. When we were first looking into international adoption we had considered a few different countries but had decided that adopting a child of black ethnicity would be too hard for us as far as social acceptability goes. What ? I can't even believe we had that thought. But that's how we felt. It took God growing our hearts through many different avenues to realize that God would build our family the way he wanted it & it would be beautiful no matter what the world's opinion was. & it is. And she is. And I love everything about her.

Thank you Dr.Martin Luther King for opening the eyes of a watching world. Thanks to you the world is definitely a more beautiful place :)


MamaCory said...

Bambi, I LOVVVE our family. We are SO diverse, It is so beautiful. When I go out in public with the girls I always get people who look at Kylah then me, then back to Kylah, then back to me LOL I'd rather them just ASK "Hey, is she yours?" I wouldn't be offended at all. I've had people ask If I adopted and I just say no- They're bi-racial! I had a woman ask "what's her name?" and I said "Kylah" and she said "Oh! I just KNEW she was adopted from Hawaii!" haha That's probably the strangest i've gotten. I think you and Vania are such a beautiful mother & daughter duo, and of course Zoe, Zane & Carsie too! Love you guys, sorry for rambling! ;)

Marilee said...

You are a wonderful example of the gift of adoption and you are such a beautiful family!

lonnieloree said...

And she fits into our family like fingers in a glove! I'm so proud to call her my granddaughter!

Zoe said...

i love our fam to and wish we could adopt another little girl !