Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eggs & Candy

My first Easter:)

This is hard work !

Ready to help Papa with my new bubble blower mower !

Sorry for the belated Easter post :) By the time Easter Day ended this bunny was too tired to type !

Which are how a lot of my days end . We had a great Easter & end to spring break. Awesome weather here !

Vania was a little confused about coloring the Easter Eggs. She thought I meant we were going to scramble some eggs to eat & said NO!. She was loving the scrambled eggs for breakfast, but that wore off after awhile. Once she saw the other kids coloring the eggs she caught on quickly & had a good time. Then for breakfast the next morning we discovered she likes hard boiled eggs :) Oh , and also CANDY ! She hasn't had much of a sweet tooth but... that's all I heard on Easter . Everything we asked her to do.... "CANDY?". Like okay, I'll do it if candy is involved. I'm glad we only bought a little this year . Short & sweet candy madness ! No pictures of her pretty Easter dress. It was too chaotic Easter morning & by the time we got back from church her sweet yellow dress was covered in chocolate :) Then I put a second out- fit on & it too became covered with chocolate before going to my mom's for Easter dinner. The Easter bunny can stock me up on Shout or spray & wash next year .

As I mentioned in my other post she is in this hiding phase. The night before Carson wanted to play hide the Easter eggs & find them like the Easter bunny. She did not like that game because she was sure he was stealing them :) The neighbors came over to play and she immediately went and gathered up her Easter Basket and hide it in the kitchen , along with her new bubble blower from Grandma & Grandpa :) She is so not used to having things that are HERS ONLY. She is always sure someone is trying to take her stuff. But she was glad to share her Cheeto's & animal cookies. So I think she's just a matter of teaching her the difference between sharing things that are for everyone and knowing which things are for her only. Like the toys at COSI vs. her bubble blowing lawn mover.

My next door neighbor came over and offered to braid Vania's hair. Of course I jumped at the chance. It only took her about 10 min. At first I was a little hesitant that Vania wouldn't let her.
But with Easter basket & lawn mover in hand we sat down together & she didn't make a peep.I was amazed at how fast our neighbors fingers were moving. She got her hair done lickity split. Too bad she was just visiting her mother in law for the holiday weekend. I would love to learn more from her. Hopefully she didn't mind my 20 bazillion questions about hair & comes back over to visit soon:)

I forgot to mention in my last post about Vania's Hematology appointment. They think that she may have a hemoglobin disorder. Her red- blood cells are smaller than usual , which may be why on her original medical report from Haiti they had marked that she had" sickling of cells"that should be followed up in the US. So ,they took more blood & are having it sent to a lab in Boston to determine the exact Hemoglobin disorder. The results will not change her care or really have much impact on her general health. The doctor said it is genetic & is something Vania will need to know in the future for surgery or family planning. Her iron may always be low & that will just be HER normal. She said it should not impact her having her adenoids & tonsils out. And she feels any type of blood transfusion is not necessary. All good news. She asked if Vania seemed tired all the time & I had to laugh. I wouldn't know since that is the reason she needs surgery. She has such a hard time sleeping anyway. But I'm sure having chronic low iron doesn't help.

Enjoying the sunshine !


David and Candice said...

Sounds like a fun Easter:) love the lawn mower!! It is always great when you have extra help in the hair dept..
Glad to hear the blood stuff is nothing to worry about.-Candice

Sunshine and Shadows said...

She is a beautiful addition to your family.

lonnieloree said...

Glad the bloodwork isn't anything more serious. I want to see her new hairdo! Maybe it'll still be in next Wed. So glad Adam has some help with the mowing,haha! Think she'd come out and do our yard? She and Eli and Kylah could rotate weeks!

mlg said...

She looks so grown up! She is turning into such a beautiful little girl.

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

awwwhhh! i feel you on the spray and wash- lots of kylah's outfits have been covered with chocolate!!

Pete and Mare said...

What a fun Easter! It's so fun to celebrate their firsts. So happy to hear that Vinea is okay. She really is such a beautiful big girl! ~ Mare